How to make your Pinterest Wedding ideas a reality with WeDo

make Pinterest wedding ideas happenYou have no less than a dozen Pinterest boards for your wedding with more ideas that you can possibly coordinate, right? Flowers, dresses, mason jar center pieces… well, we can’t make all those ideas come to life on our own (and you probably wouldn’t want that), but we can help you get those Pinterest ideas from your cluttered boards and into a wedding planning tool you can use with your family friends helping you to pull off those ideas. We like to say,

“where Pinterest leaves off, WeDo takes over.”

Tap the WeDo button and select Pinterest

The first time you’ll be prompted to login to Pinterest to connect your account. Authorize WeDo to access your boards, then go back to your WeDo app

connect pinterest to wedoauthorize WeDo to access Pinterest boards make Pinterest wedding ideas happen

Select a board, pin and post

Select the board you want, then the pin. Add your thoughts, and the group you’re sharing it with to involve your team. From there you can rate the idea, discuss it, and assign todos to make it happen!

make Pinterest wedding ideas happen make Pinterest wedding ideas happen using-pinterest-with-wedo-for-weddings-4

WeDo is an app that gets all of the people involved in planning and executing a wedding on the same page. The bride (or whoever creates the wedding) has visibility to everything but is able to control who sees what based on category-level visibility.

WeDo is currently available as an iOS app with a companion mobile web version for the non-iPhone-using team members. Weddings can only be created and managed from within the iPhone app.